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Integrated Technology

Integrated Technology

What is Integrated Technology?

What can it do for me?

Is it expensive?

All everyday questions that many company’s tend to avoid answering. At ADA Station Communication we are always upfront and provide answers to all questions to make you, the end user, more comfortable with your project.

Integrated Technology, more commonly know as IoT or Internet of Things, is the new wave of integrating essential elements of technology into your daily life. At ADA Station we help bridge the gap on this and streamline this integration making it easy for technology to assist you in your environment and life, business or personal.

Our Integrated Technology Solutions Include:

  • IP Video Surveillance Systems (mobile and permanent)
  • IP Access Control (RFID, Bluetooth, Bio metric, Facial Recognition, etc.)
  • IP Home and Business Automation (Lighting Control, Temperature Control, Door Locks, etc.)
  • IP Video Matrices for distributed video (Home and Commercial)
  • IP Distributed Audio Solutions (Home and Commercial)
  • IP and Analog Video Projection Systems (mobile and permanent)
  • IP Paging and Video Intercom Systems


No project is to big or too small! Integrate Technology into your home or business today by contacting on of our experience project consultants and schedule a free site consultation!